Press conference held on 27th of September run by the Minister of Interior and Administration was shocking. The minister of the government of a European Union member state conducted his speech in a spirit that Alfred Rosenberg would not have been ashamed of.

Kaminski had the task of convincing people that the following conclusion was correct: „I will recommend the extension of the state of emergency”. The state of emergency is a serious matter and the minister knows it, so his proposal needs to be solidly justified. This was to be done by the multimedia presentation, which was presented to the audience and proved, according to the minister, what kind of danger he and his people are protecting us from.

There are terrorists, pedophiles, zoophiles and, how else, Putin’s spies coming to Poland. The Minister had proof of everything. Photographs. There were pictures of copulation with an animal, decapitation, pictures on the background of the Kremlin and with a Russian dictionary, as well as shots with weapons in hand. Those wishing to cross the Polish border were not lazy to provide the Polish services with other evidence of their guilt: lists of contacts with representatives of the Islamic State and members of the „Palestinian terrorist movement”.

The European Court of Human Rights has ordered Poland to allow lawyers to the people camping at the height of Usnarz Górny. What do the Border Guard and the police say about this? In line with the government line, they manifestly ignored the ruling.

The group of 32 Afghan nationals, about which there was a lot of publicity in August, is still trapped at the border line. Polish border guards do not allow them to submit applications for international protection, while Belarusian guards prevent them from withdrawing from the border zone. At the end of August, the European Court of Human Rights ordered Poland to prepare at least a makeshift shelter for these people, to give them water and food and to admit a doctor. The Law and Justice government ostentatiously ignored the ruling, although under EU law it was binding from the moment it was announced. It also did not oblige Poland to accept refugees on its territory.

Now the Court of Justice has ruled on the refugee issue for a second time. And once again, the ruling right wing has shown what human rights mean to them.

On September 30, the 38th session of the Sejm voted on President Duda’s motion to extend the state of emergency for another 60 days. A demonstration continued in front of the Sejm.

224 PiS deputies, eight Confederation deputies, one Porozumienie deputy (Monika Pawlowska), three Kukiz’15 deputies and one independent deputy (Lukasz Mejza) voted in favor of the extension motion. Against voted 122 deputies of KO, 46 deputies of Lewica, seven deputies of Polski 2050, one deputy of Konfederacja (Dobromir Sośnierz) and three independent deputies.

During the voting a spontaneous demonstration of the opponents of the introduction of the state of emergency was held in front of the Sejm. Over 100 people came to express their opposition to the migration policy of the government and the EU, which has already led to the deaths of at least five people in the forests on the Polish-Belarusian border.

Wojciech Sumliński, a well-known right-wing publicist, has recently released a hateful anti-Semitic film, „Return to Jedwabne”. In it, he denies Polish involvement in the Holocaust and repeats dozens of anti-Semitic clichés taken from Nazi propaganda. In response, Youtube blocked his account, but the film, according to its authors, is popular throughout Europe, and Sumlinski himself claims that it shows only the truth.


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