For several months there has been talk of creating a new faction in the EU Parliament. Therefore, on December 4, the heads of 13 conservative European parties, including the chairman of Fidesz, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the chairman of Spanish Vox Santiago Abascal and the head of French National Unity Marine Le Pen, appeared in the Polish capital. Several important declarations were made during the meeting. One of them is the message that they discussed „the future of Europe and current trends in the European Union,” which means a declaration of disagreement with the current shape of the EU.

The declaration signed by the leaders of the right-wing groups shows that these groups are united in their desire to fight against the concept of a federal Europe. Meetings with a similar line-up would be organized in the coming months, Law and Justice deputies declare. Their voters are supposed to be a potential for „protecting Europe” and showing the nations an alternative vision.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski – the informal leader of Poland’s ruling coalition – pointed out during his inaugural speech that freedom in Europe and the West is retreating. The Law and Justice president showed himself to be a fighter for freedom, speaking out against „political correctness” that limits freedom.

On November 12, volunteers from Medics on the Border group received a request for assistance from a group of Kurdish migrants. On site, they found an approximately 40-year-old woman in immediate life-threatening condition. She was deeply unconscious and had fallen into the water two days earlier. Medics transported the refugee woman to the hospital. At the same time her relatives were already taken away by the Border Guard: her husband and five children were taken to a migration center, his brother was pushed back to Belarus. Avin Ifran Zahir, 38, a refugee from Iraqi Kurdistan, died in early December in a hospital in Hajnówka. The woman was trying to reach Europe through Belarus with her husband and five children. She was pregnant. 

In addition, a 4-year-old girl went missing at the border around December 7. An Iraqi couple with their 4-year-old daughter Eileen were on the Polish side of the border on the night of December 6-7. One other person was walking with them and helped carry the girl. On Tuesday, December 7, the couple was able to contact the Border Group. They told that they were tracked down by the Border Guard and pushed back Belarus. Eileen and the person who carried her, according to them, remained in Poland, unnoticed. 

On December 7, another victim was found at the border. The body was found in the forest in the area of Olchowka, in the village of Narewka. The man was carrying a backpack and a Nigerian passport. However, according to the officer, he is not necessarily a Nigerian citizen and his identity is to be verified. According to Podlasie police spokesman Tomasz Krupa, the corpse was found about 9 km from the Polish-Belarusian border. The Hajnówka district, where the village of Narewka is located, is under a state of emergency. 

Also in the recent days, the first convention of a new political party born out of the Polish farmers’ movement took place. The leader of AgroUnia, Michal Kolodziejczak, who does not hide his political ambitions, made a sharp speech at the convention. He called politicians slackers, bullies, and people who „do not wish us well. Kolodziejczak presented his organization as a structure that has already achieved measurable success in politics.

„We were the first ones to start talking about healthy food, about short supply chains, about affordable food, about breaking up monopolies, about politicians not working, about politicians thieving,” Kolodziejczak said. He pointed to those demands from his organization that suggest politicians retire at age 65. „Your time has passed,” the AgroUnion leader said. He was not discouraged when journalists told him that such solutions had not been applied anywhere in the world. Kolodziejczak believes that such a restriction will only mobilize politicians to be more active to implement their ideas before the forced retirement. 

The Polish parliamentary group of the Left has submitted a proposal for compulsory vaccination against COVID-19. This initiative has not been supported by any other political force. Neither the liberals – nor the ruling conservatives. 

Socialist and anarchist activists disrupted this year’s UN Digital Summit – IGF, taking place in Katowice, Poland. During the „global discussion on the development of the Internet”, as the organizers call the event, they reminded about the mass surveillance of network users and platform workers.

On December 6, the four-day UN Digital Summit kicked off in the Upper Silesian capital, bringing together „7,000 innovators, CEOs of major technology companies, youth, ministers and parliamentarians – to step up efforts to build an open, secure and free digital future for all,” according to Polish organizers. However, the activists for whom freedom, but also exploitation on the Internet are not empty words, stepped in. 












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