Political life in Poland does not slow down. And so does the fighting for women rights.

This week, the Parliamentary Women’s Team in the Polish Sejm submitted a bill proposing to change the definition of rape. Until now, to prove rape, the court must have been convinced that sexual activity was forced upon the victim AND that the victim actively opposed it. Practice has shown that many perpetrators escaped responsibility when they managed to prove that the intimidated or drugged victim showed no resistance. Other victims never went to the police, too afraid that they would not be believed. Now that can change.

Parlamentarny Zespół Praw Kobiet chce zmiany definicji gwałtu: brak świadomej zgody to przemoc

We also paid attention to the situation of young people in Poland. Their usually difficult financial situation forces them to live with their parents. This makes it difficult for them to start their own family and become independent. Therefore, it has far-reaching social and economic effects.

Bieda nie pozwala rozwinąć skrzydeł. Co trzeci dorosły Polak musi mieszkać z rodzicami

The Left, for its part, organized a convention in which young people played the main role. The problems of contemporary Polish youth were discussed and ten demands formulated:

1) The right to abortion
2) Climate neutrality
3) No more rubbish
4) School without religion
5) Cheap apartments for rent
6) Science, not propaganda
7) Marriage for everybody
8) Psychologist at every school
9) Sexual and anti-discrimination education
10) Green energy

Although these postulates are not particularly radical, and thus may turn out unsufficient, it is good that the Left was able to organize socially active youth. Perhaps there would be time in the future to come up with more precise and courageous demands.

Konwencja młodych w Warszawie: „Lewica nas słucha i daje możliwość rozwoju”

The Catholic Church, conservative and backward, is on the side of the right-wing government. Its involvement on the side of the current government causes social opposition, the more so as the church hierarchy is struggling with a wave of justified accusations of pedophilia and sexual harassment of the youngest flock. Therefore, it is not surprising that demonstrations or pickets were held in front of 19 churches on the Polish maritime coast – against the excessive interference of the Catholic Church in the life of the state.

„Mamy dość państwa wyznaniowego” – protesty pod 19 kościołami w Trójmieście

The still important role of the Catholic Church in Poland is evidenced by the fact that the extremely conservative and religiously fanatical minister of education in Poland – Przemysław Czarnek – hired a historian close to the Ordo Iuris organization as a specialist in evaluating school textbooks. Ordo Iuris, among others, stands against abortion without exceptions, on extremely conservative grounds.

Kolejna ultrakonserwatywna twarz w MEN. Historyk bliski Ordo Iuris pokieruje przeglądem podręczników

The Strajk portal also drew the attention of its readers to the total impunity of large multinational corporations from the GAFAM group on the example of Australia, which was deprived of access to links with information from the world only because the government tried to force Facebook to pay for the content of the cited media. In Poland, we understand this problem well, because the largest corporations in this group pay almost no taxes in Poland.

Facebook na wojnie z Australią: wszystkie media zniknęły z platformy!

Translated into English by Wojciech Łobodziński.

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