Iraqi citizens detained in the Detention Center for Foreigners in Biała Podlaska decided to protest against the humiliating conditions in which they are being held.

According to Newsweek, which managed to interview one of the strikers, Ola Sabah Hamad, Iraqi citizens have been on hunger strike since 11th of December. Children are also taking part in the protest, and two people have already collapsed, and they had to give up for health reasons.

The Iraqi refugees staying at the center complain about the conditions there and, above all, about the lack of knowledge about their own fate. They are cut off from contact with the world, they cannot use social media to contact their relatives or lawyers. On top of this, a large number of them would like to be able to celebrate Christmas, and they have no way of cooking meals or buying anything. An Iraqi woman interviewed talks about the repression she has faced as a result of converting from Islam to Christianity. 

„Pride and Respect” is the name of the thanksgiving campaign organized by the Dominican Sisters School and Kindergarten in Piotrków Trybunalski. The Sisters decided to encourage children to artistically express their gratitude to the Border Guards, Police and Polish Army who have been bravely defending the borders of the Republic of Poland for three months.

1,628 works were submitted. Some of them are made by preschoolers, who draw mostly floral laurels and mangled hearts. Clearly, the little ones do not know what it is all about. You can easily give their cards to anyone ,on any occasion. They are completely unaware of what they are participating in. However, when it comes to older children, the situation begins to look dire. 

Hunting season is in full swing.Hunters from hunting clubs in Podlaskie were supposed to hunt on the border of the state of emergency zone, in the forests where people live all the time.

The collective hunts that were to take place yesterday were organized by the „Puszcza” Hunting Circle from Białowieża and the „Orzeł” Hunting Circle from Narewka. These circles will be hunting in the Dubicze Cerkiewne and Narewka municipalities, in the northern and south-eastern outskirts of the Białowieża Primeval Forest (hunting districts no. 245, 269, and 284),” reported the Let Live portal.

Hunting in this area raises a lot of controversy because it takes place right on the border of the state of emergency zone, in the forests where migrants fleeing the crisis to Western Europe are constantly found. 

With anti-abortion laws getting tougher, women are seeking access to their rights outside of clinics and hospitals. A member of the „Abortion Dream Team,” an organization that helps women get abortions in safe environments, has been indicted.

Charges of aiding abortions have been filed against the forty-seven-year-old „Abortion Dream Team” activist. The indictment has already reached the court in Ostroleka, and the woman faces up to 3 years in prison.

According to the Polish law, namely Article 152 § 2 of the Act of 6 June 1997 of the Penal Code, whoever assists or induces a pregnant woman to abort her pregnancy in violation of the provisions of the Act shall be subject to a penalty of imprisonment for up to 3 years. And on the basis of this very paragraph, the prosecution was notified by the husband of one of the women who benefited from the assistance of the ADT activist. The husband learned that the forty-seven-year-old woman had provided his wife with abortion pills – about 10 pills containing misoprostol in their composition. 

The College of the Institute of National Remembrance has given a negative opinion on the potential renaming of the Dmowski Roundabout to the Women’s Rights Roundabout.

The Dmowski Roundabout has been considered a symbolic place of the fight for women’s rights since the Constitutional Tribunal’s  ruling from last year. It was there that mass demonstrations began and soon voices began to emerge from the women’s side demanding that the nationalist politician should be stripped from the name – and that the name be changed to one that would commemorate their struggle. Since the 9th of December during the session of the Warsaw Council the renaming of the Dmowski Roundabout as the Roundabout of Women’s Rights was voted down, the outrage of the right wing has been echoing loudly. The decision, which in fact has not yet been made final, has already been criticised by the Collegium of the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN).

„The Committee of the Institute of National Remembrance expresses its strong protest against the attempt to change the name of the Roman Dmowski Roundabout in Warsaw. Such actions are directed against the cultivation of historical memory of Poles” – write the members of the Institute in their statement. Finally, they express hope that „reason and self-restraint will prevail”. IPN is well-known in Poland for pushing ultra-right visions of history, where there is no place left for Polish Socialists or even not-national-enough right-wingers. 


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