Maximizing control over women does not stop – from February 1, all pregnancies in Poland will be registered. Each medical facility will be obliged to register the patient’s pregnancy in the Medical Information System.

The issue was publicized on Twitter by Krzysztof Brejza, MP from the Civic Coalition. Apart from information about the new absurd regulation, he posted a letter to the Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski. He demands an answer as to who initiated the change in the regulation concerning transfer of medical data and, above all, what is the actual purpose of monitoring the pregnancy of patients. 

As it seems the government of the Law and Justice is not going to ease his grip on women’s rights. At the same moment the feminist movement in Poland is going through a deep and troubling crisis, which we explained in the article below: 

The autumn is also a moment of another action of the Polish parliamentary left. Once more it’s gathering support around the project of liberalisation abortion law. 

The European Convention on Human Rights is inconsistent with the Polish constitution, the so-called Constitutional Tribunal headed by Julia Przyłębska announced. Specifically, the article stating that „everyone has the right to a fair hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal established by law” was found to be inconsistent with the Polish Constitution.

By its ruling, Julia Przyłębska’s Court declared itself excluded from under the Convention. It ruled that the provision is inconsistent with the Polish Constitution if it were to mean that the Tribunal fills in a definition of a court. What are practical consequences of this? According to the Constitutional Tribunal, no one can examine – neither the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg – whether the Constitutional Tribunal is independent, impartial, or whether it was established in accordance with the law. Nor can anyone assess the legality of the election of judges. At least, this is the official position of the Tribunal. 

On 25th of November, in the capital of Pomeranian Voivodeship a press conference was held, during which a new program was presented, introducing greater protection of people at risk of social exclusion, including homelessness, thanks to the changes in the rules of renting premises from communal resources.

The conference was attended by persons who have worked on the project in recent years: Monika Chabior, deputy mayor of Gdańsk for social development and equal treatment, Beata Dunajewska, chairwoman of the All for Gdańsk club and Jolanta Banach, representative of the Better Gdańsk organisation. 

On the 22nd of November, Anna Michalska, spokeswoman of the Polish Border Guard, raised the issue of journalists’ planned entry into the zone under the state of emergency. Local Border Guard stations will soon begin issuing passes. „Journalists will have to rotate, we won’t let 170 editors in at once,” said Michalska. Right now, no journalists are allowed to the border zone and the media are supposed to rely on Border Guards’ official statements. 

On the 25th of November Mateusz Morawiecki began a series of trips across Europe, during which he was to meet with national leaders and convince them of the Polish point of view on the Polish-Belarusian border crisis. The German Chancellor did not need much convincing: during a joint press conference Angela Merkel assured Poland of complete solidarity on the border issue.

Mateusz Morawiecki did not stop boasting during his speech in Berlin. He asserted that „Polish-German relations are certainly fundamental to the cohesion of the European Union,” suggesting that it is the state of relations between Warsaw and Berlin that determines EU responses to crises in Eastern and Southern Europe: from the Balkans to Moldova and Ukraine. He suggested that the crises in this area are caused by Vladimir Putin only, while Poland and Germany bravely oppose him, caring for prosperity and peace.

In the meantime, thanks to the joint action of German and French diplomacy, more than 1,500 people have already returned to Iraq on flights organized by the Belarusian side. 


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